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NHL 18 & 19

Welcome to the World of CHEL:

Our strategy with the launch of NHL 18 & 19 was to bridge the cultural gap between hockey, and video games. Hockey fans are extremely passionate, and NHL players take that passion to the next level. As a household name and a lot of kids first introduction to video games, we wanted to tap into that passion with the World of CHEL. We did this with a variety of content tactics, including:

  1. Syncing the launch of all digital premium campaign assets with the NHL 19 awards ceremony

  2. Using athletes as influencers, and tapping into NHL team audiences to push our message through custom team assets

  3. Every weekend during the regular season we would provide the opportunity for our audience to give their game predictions through interactive story content

  4. With a new suite of mechanics, we created comprehensive deep dives into new game modes and mechanics

  5. There is so much NHL UGC out there that we started a 'plays of the month' content stream encouraging players to post their content to social media for a chance at being featured

Content Examples:

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 3.29.42 PM.png
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