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A Rags to Riches Story


Most idle mobile games do not have a long life span, let along 6 years! AdVenture Capitalist is one of those games that just keeps reviving itself. What we found was that AdCap's audience was driving a narrative that we did not have in game - the narrative of the ultra rich player who is worth quadrillions of dollars! So we asked ourselves what is driving that narrative? How does the player want that story to be told? We came up with four pillars that helped us see continuous success:

  • Evergreen: content that has no shelf life. Our biggest success was our AdCap 6 Year Rags to Riches docu-series that you can watch below. It tells the story of how AdCap rose from nothing to the juggernaut it is today!

  • Four panel comics: Bringing the characters to life in small self contained situations

  • Meme culture: We were able to tap into the 'Billionaire club' conversation, and put our hero 'cap' ahead of the likes of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos in almost every situation! 

  • Informative video: To continue to promote and support the game, we created dev couch series, and live streams that informed our audience on game updates, patches, and new gameplay in an interactive and engaging medium

Channels managed: 

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